About One Heritage Trust
One Heritage Trust Limited is a comprehensive financial institution focusing on providing wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals. It is a subsidiary of Hong Kong One Heritage Holdings Group. One Heritage Trust is recognized by the Trustee Ordinance, Chapter 29 of the Laws of Hong Kong (registration number 2039506), to provide customers with professional, exclusive and exclusive customized professional trust management services.
After years of vigorous development, One Heritage Trust has established a sound management system, has a senior investment research team, relies on the group’s strong product selection and supply capabilities, and has established good cooperative relationships with world-renowned companies and financial institutions, and has been trusted by high net worth customers.
One Heritage Trust has accumulated excellent trust asset management experience in many fields such as family trusts, quantitative securities trading, equity investment, property investment, etc. We always adhere to customer-oriented, in-depth communication and understanding of the current situation and needs of customers, with professional and efficient service the pursuit to achieve sustainable multi-party mutual trust and win-win.
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One Heritage Trust's perfect financial qualification
Hong Kong Trust License
The concept of trust
A trust is a wealth management method in which the trustee (trust institution) is entrusted by the trustee (individual or family) to manage and dispose of property on its behalf, in order to achieve the purpose of wealth protection, appreciation and wealth inheritance. People's trust, financial management on behalf of others.
Entrusted by others and manage money on behalf of others
The trustee manages and protects the trust property in accordance with the trust agreement, and transfers the asset to the designated trust beneficiary under designated circumstances.
By signing a contract and a letter of intent, the client can achieve property inheritance, investment and financial management or retirement planning, and can also specify when and in what form the beneficiary can pay for living expenses, education or medical expenses, etc., without the need for estate certification procedures.
Eight functions of trust
Isolation risk
Protect family wealth from unreasonable claims, divorce or political instability
Highly confidential
Keep the identity of asset holders confidential to avoid disclosure of information when the will is undertaken
Long-term protection
Restrict wasteful beneficiaries from using assets to provide care for minors or family members with special needs
Flexible allocation
In the distribution of benefits, you can choose one-time distribution, regular quantitative distribution, conditional distribution, discretionary distribution, etc.
Avoid contention
Arrangements have been made before death to avoid disputes due to division of property
Tax planning
Through the structure design, the trust structure can be used legally and compliantly to improve tax efficiency and reasonably avoid taxation
Maintain control
Through instructions to the trustee, you can also control the use of assets behind you
Social charity
Let Wealth support charity activities in the long run and continue to give back to society
One Heritage Trust Business Framework

Principal (Founder)

trustee Responsible for providing asset protection, transaction monitoring and client account administrative matters


Bank of Trustees Custody of client funds and ensure the safety of client funds

Trust assets

Auditor Responsible for the accounting and accounting of capital accounts

Investment Advisor Provide professional and responsible investment advice

Legal counsel Compile trust deeds and review relevant clauses

One Heritage Trust Service
"Trust + Investment" Portfolio Service
"Trust + Policy" Combination Service
"Trust + Custody" combined service
Insurance Fund Trust
Testamentary trust
Policy trust
Discretionary trust
Determine the equity trust
Reserved trust
Trust + partner system
Private trust company
Overseas trust
Insurance policy structure of major national special zones
European foundation structure
The "trust + investment" portfolio service is a wealth management plan that integrates trust functions and investment services.
After establishing a trust, the client exercises the investor's investment rights and invests in various financial assets through the trust.
Solve the problem
Direct overseas investment involves different types of operational risks and difficulties
Service Advantage
One-stop management of investment planning and long-term inheritance arrangements, more efficient overseas investment and international inheritance
Suitable for customer base
Suitable for all customers who want to invest overseas while starting a succession plan
"Trust + Investment" portfolio service structure
Trust Q&A
What is an overseas family trust?
The client (the trust founder) entrusts the legally owned assets to the trust company (the trustee) for management, and the trustee will properly manage the assets according to the client’s wishes; in the unfortunate event of the trust founder’s death, the relevant trust assets will be passed on to The beneficiary is designated, and the beneficiary is determined by the customer.
Is the trust regulated by law?
Trust companies are regulated by the Trustees Ordinance, Chapter 29 of the Laws of Hong Kong, and are strictly regulated by the Department of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Under section 41X (1) of the Trustee Ordinance, Chapter 29 of the Laws of Hong Kong, the settlor owns any or all of the investment power or asset management power of the trust property.
Are the funds placed in the trust safe?
According to the "Hong Kong Laws Trustee Ordinance, Chapter 29, Article 89", all money, property and securities received or held by a trust company as a trustee must be kept and kept separate from the company's money, property and securities and kept separately. Each trust must be indicated in the company’s books so that it can be distinguished from other trusts in the company’s registers and other account books, so that no matter what time, the trust money will not become the company’s total assets. Part or mixed with the company’s total assets.
What is the role of the custodian bank in the trust?
Bank custody business refers to the bank as a third party, according to laws and regulations and custody contract provisions, on behalf of the interests of the asset owner, engages in custody of the assets, the settlement of funds under the custody of assets, accounting and valuation of custody assets, supervision of the investment operation of the manager, so as to ensure the interests of the asset trustor.
What to do if the trust company goes bankrupt?
The trust industry in Hong Kong has a long history of nearly 100 years, and trust companies have never failed. However, if the trust companies fail unfortunately, the trust assets have always been "truly" held by the trustees, which will not be affected by the reputation of the trust companies. In name, the trust assets are held by the trust company, but in fact, under the protection of the trust contract, the trust founder still holds the assets. The trust company and the trust assets are separated, so the bankruptcy of the trust company will not affect the assets.
How to ensure that the funds are actually invested in the asset types described in the product?
Our trust investment fund is a fund officially registered in the Cayman Islands. It is also subject to the laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Hong Kong's financial legal system is sound, ensuring that all funds can only be invested within the investment asset limit stated in the fund's documentation.
The difference between domestic and foreign trusts
Domestic trustOffshore trust
Legal policyThe "Trust Law" on invalid trusts, enforcement of trust property, and defective inheritance have eroded the independence of trusts and weakened the function of risk isolation.Overseas laws have clear regulations on the types of trusts, the rights of trustees, the degree of isolation of different types of trust assets, and the rights of protectors to achieve true trust independence and risk isolation.
Asset typeCash and financial assets are the main and part of insurance policies and equity; property can also be included, but the cost is higherRich asset types, such as property, equity, private jets, yachts, horse racing, etc., and the cost is low
Mode of operationThe trust company can only conduct custody operation and accounting in the special trust account opened by the bankOverseas trusts hold various assets as corporate entities and are operated and managed by dedicated personnel, with a wide selection of trustees
Management ModeThe trustee not only undertakes the management of trust affairs, but also is responsible for the investment management of the trust property, and there is a greater management riskThe trustee is usually responsible for structuring and managing the trust affairs, while the investment of assets can be made by the principal or by hiring professional investment advisors
One Heritage Trust-Cooperative Auditor Team
Four major accounting firms in the world are providing services to One Heritage Trust
KPMG (KPMG) is one of the world's four largest accounting firms, with a global scope of professional service members, with member firms covering 153 countries and regions around the world, with 207,000 professionals, providing professional services such as auditing, taxation and consulting. KPMG,founded in 1897,is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which ranks 163 in the 2018 World Brands 500 list.
Deloitte is one of the four largest accounting firms in the world. Deloitte has approximately 200,000 employees in 150 countries, providing auditing, taxation, corporate management consulting and financial consulting services. Deloitte Certified Public Accountants was founded in 1845 in London, England, and is now headquartered in New York, USA. It provides professional services in more than 100 cities in the Asia-Pacific region.
One Heritage Trust-Cooperative Investment Advisory Team
Professional investment advisory agency manages assets for clients
One Heritage Capital Management is a subsidiary of One Heritage Holding Group. It holds No. 4 and No. 9 financial licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Relying on the advantages of Hong Kong's international financial center, it focuses on comprehensive financial services and breaks through traditional investment concepts. Integrate the innovative thinking of the new generation to achieve prosperity and sharing.
Avia Financial is an investment advisory and asset management company established in 2002 and holds Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission The license has been providing professional investment advice, asset management and related services and tailor the suitable financial plan for customers.
TOPAZ Assets is a private debt and equity property investment company that focuses on the acquisition and development of retail, residential, and mixed-use, industrial and office properties in high-growth markets in 25 major cities on the east coast, Midwest, and Southeastern United States. .