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The true value of wealth is not how much money you have now but knowing how to make good use of financial tools for management. Flexible use of existing assets, planning across Wealth transfer on behalf of. An extraordinary story of achievement!
Sky Conrad Insurance Trust Structure

Deposit funds


Responsible for the accounting and the check computation of capital accounts

Provide professional and responsible investment advice

Compile trust deeds and review relevant clauses

KPMG, Deler

One Heritage Assets

One Heritage Wealth

Campbells, AFA

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Sky Conrad Insurance Trust Plan

Trust Investment Subject


Bank of Trustees

DBS Bank

Trust Administration

Insurance Administration

Legal counsel

Investment Advisor

Trust Maker

Trust Company




Insurance Fund

According to the client's wishes

willing to manage wealth

Insurance company we cooperated with
All assets need to be protected Sky Conrad Insurance Trust is the best choice to protect family assets
Sky Conrad Trust Series Features
The minimum investment period is 5 years. After setting up the trust account, the founder purchases insurance and delivers the policy to the trust escrow. According to the different terms of the insurance purchased, the founder will enjoy different benefits. The total premium is deposited into a trust account in one or in stages, and you can easily enjoy one or more complete policies.
Double guarantee
Insurance law + trust law protection
Poineer in the Market
Automatically lock in terminal dividends
The beneficiary becomes the new insured or policy holder after the death of the insured
Flexible replacement
Flexible conversion of the insured to the age of 128
Flexible and worry-free
One-time prepayment of premiums, saving time and effort
Receive one-off income or receive regular surrender amount and death compensation
Good returns
Guarantee and expected payback period
Expected rate of return can be as high as 6.82%
Wider coverage
Insured age up to 75 years old
Comes with premium waiver protection
Inherit with peace of mind
Professional management of assets
Stable increase in wealth
Sky Conrad Trust Series
Let medium and long-term insurance policies fight inflation for us
education fund


Annual payment of $100,000 for 5 years

Total payment of 500,000

they bring us


Annual payment of $100,000

(Official Proposal - No Withdrawal)

Basic Plan - Summary of Instructions

Large Policy Family Trust
Stability and appreciation of assets
Professional property preservation
Professional wealth inheritance
US$4.2 million in assets
Emergency support
Cash flow approximately US$100,000/year
US$1 million
Case: 45-year-old Male.
$1 million plan [large policy family trust project] provides immediate ownership to:
US$4.2 million to determine assets.
International emergency support service.
A property under his own name.
Asset management portfolio: annual steady income (about 100,000 US dollars).
The founder sets up a family trust with a large amount of insurance policy and pays the premiums in one lump sum. Policy Delivery Trust. Combined with private banks for policy financing, funds can be flexibly used to allocate a variety of assets, creating safe and stable income.

Long-term profligacy protection

Debt risk isolation

Professional property preservation

Flexible asset allocation

Stability and appreciation of assets

Professional wealth inheritance

Tax benefit planning

High privacy and confidentiality