One Heritage Private Banking Service Operation Process
High-end customized, precise and flexible wealth management solutions for customers to choose
Select well-capitalized private banks, securities companies and recognized wealth management tools
Accurate asset allocation through customer wealth realize asset preservation and appreciation goals
One Heritage Private Bank EAM Management Model
Compared with traditional private banks, the biggest difference of the EAM model is that it is independent of the financial system, and its interests are consistent with the interests of customers. Mature and experienced account managers are familiar with customer needs and investment attributes, and provide the most appropriate asset management advice and solution.
The essential structure of the One Heritage EAM private banking service platform is a three-party relationship. The customer has the full authority to entrust EAM to manage the "management assets" of its private bank (or brokerage) that acts as the custodian and recorder of the assets.EAM focuses on the management of "managed assets" and customized services to customers, which customer's assets are safty under the framework system. The purpose of selecting investment products is not for sales performance, but for an independent, long-term, and complete partnership. EAM is also the client's asset manager, and it also meets the client's expectations of partners. The closely-cooperated EAM structure fully meets the customer's expectation of protecting and adding value to family assets.
Bank · Brokerage · Trust
External Asset Manager
Asset management is to open an account in the name of the customer. Private Bank (PB) acts as the custodian of assets to ensure the safety of customer assets.
Custody and Administration
Framework Agreement
Full Authorization
One Heritage was confirmed as the designated external investment manager for the client's account.
Authorize One Heritage to manage client assets
Three core services of One Heritage Private Banking Services
Wealth Protection and Appreciation
Create a personalised investment portfolio for you to diversify your risk and achieve optimal returns through diversified models (income and capital preservation, balance and capital appreciation, etc.). The main products include:
Deposit and foreign exchange trading services
Bond portfolio
Fixed income linked structured investment
Asset Appreciation
Seize market opportunities and efficiently manage your idle assets
Asset Valuation and Monetization (Bonds, Securities, Unit Trusts, Real Estate and Mortgage Loans)
Tailor-made business/personal loan solutions
Universal Life Insurance Premium Financing Plan
Asset Inheritance
Protect and sustain wealth, and create a better future for the next generation
Asset protection advisory services and family trust plans
Immigration consulting and tax planning
Enterprise key personnel protection and risk management consulting services
Features of One Heritage Private Banking Services
Highly Private
Private banking customers have huge wealth. To manage such a huge wealth, the first requirement is to ensure the privacy of the customers. One Heritage provides high-privacy services to ensure the safety of customer property and realize value preservation and appreciation
The exclusive characteristics of private banking services can be seen in: exclusive products, exclusive financial planning and exclusive account managers. One Heritage has made it clear that the core of private banking services is customers, and careful and thoughtful exclusive services are the most important part of maintaining customer relationships.
Lean Professional
Private banking services involve the management of huge assets and require a high degree of professionalism that is an important indicator of competitiveness. Facing with the ever-changing market, One Heritage insists on product specialization and diversification, which deploys bonds, stocks, PE/VC, commodities, overseas assets, covering equity, securities secondary markets, fixed income assets, overseas assets and other products to meet the needs of customers for personalized asset allocation. relying on the richness of products, One Heritage helps high-net-worth customers do asset isolation and wealth inheritance well.
One Heritage Private Banking Service Advantages
Private banking services with concentrated advantages
One Heritage Private Banking services make full use of the Group's international vision and strategic platform in Hong Kong, as well as all-round resource advantages such as products and channels to create one-stop exclusive private banking services for customers.
Adhere to the same value concept
One Heritage Private Banking Service has always adhered to the group's value of "win-win with customers", and gave full play to its professional expertise to provide customers with professional investment advice and distinguished services.
Professional and experienced elite team
One Heritage Private Banking Services can bring professional and senior account managers to customers to deeply understand customers' financial goals and investment needs, and help them respond to market changes.
Tailor-made investment solutions
One Heritage Private Banking Services tailors comprehensive and detailed financial solutions to customers according to their different needs to obtain the most optimized investment portfolio income.