One Heritage Prestige Family Trust Business Framework




Responsible for the accounting and the check computation of capital accounts


Responsible for providing asset protection, transaction monitoring, and client account administrative matters

Bank of Trustees

Custody of customer funds and ensure the safety of customer funds

Legal counsel

Compile trust deeds and review relevant clauses


Investment Advisor

Provide professional and responsible investment advice

Five core functions
Wealth protectionEffectively isolate debtAssets remain strictly confidential
Wealth inheritanceFlexible arrangementEffective inheritance
Family governanceFamily governanceFamily business governance
Tax planningAvoid inheritance taxImplement reasonable tax avoidance
Social charityEngage in charity to give back to societyTo establish a good image the family business Solid right of family enterprises long-term system
One Heritage Prestige Family Trust Core Service
Set up various customized trusts, including Discretionary powers, wills, reserves, charitable trusts, etc.
Provide professional advice on trust form and jurisdiction.
Assist in the establishment of a private trust company (Limited private company with shares held by trustee).
Inheritance and family planning, flexible allocation planning for beneficiaries.
Provide professional advice on the selection of investment consultants for clients.
Provide professional advice on independent services like choosing investment advisors, legal and tax advice, etc.
One Heritage Prestige Family Trust service investment direction
Provide robust and diversified investment management services under the sound supervision and wind control system.
Investment principles
Fund supervision
Perfect mechanism for capital supervision of investment
Steady income
structured product
Asset mortgage
The investment subject has asset mortgage










Foreign Exchange

Alternative Investment

Private Bank

Sky Legacy Family Trust Services
Family asset management and inheritance
Pioneering lightweight family trusts
Sky Legacy family trust is a wealth management method entrusted by individuals or families to manage and dispose of family property on their behalf, in order to achieve wealth protection, wealth inheritance and wealth appreciation, and achieve the purpose of family asset appreciation and inheritance.
Sky Legacy Family Trust Service Business Framework


Deposit funds

Custodian Bank China CITIC Bank (International)

Fund custody

One Heritage Trust

Deposit funds

Income Distribution

Sky Legacy Family Trust

Fund custody

Investment targets

Multi-Strategy SPC-Global Quantum Alpha Fund

UK Property Development Fund SP2

Investment Advisor Taiyi Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Legal Counsel Collas Crill Legal Resources (Cayman)Limited

Administration Baishun Fund Services Co., Ltd.

Auditor KPMG, Delek

Tiancheng Family Trust Service Operation Process
The advantages of One Heritage Prestige Family Trust investment
Diversified and professional family wealth management and inheritance services, more flexible to meet the individual needs of customers
Fight against inflation
Stable appreciation
long-term plan
Long-term family planning
Marriage and childbirth
House purchase
Child Education Planning
Go to school
Study abroad
Further study
Young and middle-aged entrepreneurship planning
Start a business
Pension inheritance planning
Medical treatment
Family trust case
High-net-worth individuals pay more attention to retirement and medical matters, and hope that the wealth accumulated for a lifetime can be reasonably allocated and inherited. Using the confidentiality, tax avoidance planning, flexible distribution and inheritance functions of family trusts, customers can have a worry-free life and ensure that family wealth is inherited safely.

Plan to retire in 5 years

Join in family trust and pay more attention to wealth inheritance

In the first five years, investors will receive a fixed dividend every year. If they do not receive the dividend, the dividends will be accumulated by 10% of the accumulated interest.

After 5 years, investers reach the retirement age, and if decide not to redeem the principal, they start to receive dividends every year. Support the expense of retirement life & medical security after retirement.

From the 6th to 20th years,investers receive fixed dividends every year, and the family wealth continues to generate interest.

In the 21st year, investers decide to pass on the family wealth to children and grandchildren

(Can be received permanently) Family wealth is perfectly inherited and distributed reasonably

Join Sky Legacy

The first year

Roll Over

Receive dividends every year

20th year

If wealth passes on to descendants, the descendants will receive dividends every year.

The 50th year

Children and grandchildren can receive dividends permanently