One Heritage Technology
In order to accelerate the development of the group's real estate and financial business, One Heritage actively explores innovative technology research and development, and creates innovative technology products such as real estate smart home systems, real estate AR/VR demonstration scenarios, professional financial investment platform APP, and small and medium business management systems. One Heritage hopes to create a smart living environment and an efficient and convenient investment platform through the combination of innovative technology, real estate and finance.
One Heritage Technology R&D Center is located in Shenzhen. It has an experienced core team. The members are from Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and domestic Alibaba, Tencent and other well-known IT companies. They have excellent information technology solutions and R&D capabilities. Service More than 300 corporate customers in Hong Kong and abroad. Using data-driven and research analysis, it is committed to serving the innovation of One Heritage's finance and real estate business, and gaining insight into the emerging trends of the industry in the future.
One Heritage Technology Brand Purpose
International leading information technology research sustainable development
One Heritage Technology Brand Concept
Professional, rigorous, scientific and honest
One Heritage Technology Vision
Through the integration of smart technology with finance, real estate, and corporate management, a closely connected smart information platform is created, an efficient and convenient data environment is created, and a safe and reliable investment platform is built.
Three platforms of One Heritage Technology
Smart community platform
One Heritage combines smart home, artificial intelligence technology, image analysis, 5G network and AR/VR virtual reality technology to create a new smart community, provide a different life experience, close the distance between people, and achieve a better future.
Integrated financial platform
With years of wealth management experience, One Heritage uses innovative information technology to create a comprehensive financial management platform-"TIP专投" APP, to provide investors and financial practitioners with one-stop financial information and services, and is committed to promoting the development of financial services ecology , Creating a new era of financial services.
Enterprise Management Platform
One Heritage Technology provides a one-stop corporate management service platform for the group's financial and property businesses. With high-quality products and services and perfect technical support, it improves the quality of customer service and promotes the development of the group's business.
Development team configuration
A team of talents with reasonable structure, proficient in business, superb technology, courage to innovate and high loyalty, with an average of 4+ years of rich industry experience, caring about customers and solving all customer needs

Product manager Product manager

project manager Project manager

Front-end development engineer Front-end engineer

Test Engineer Test engineer

UI / UE设计 UI / UE设计器

Back-end development engineer Back-end engineer

Android/IOS Development Engineer Android/IOS engineer

Data Maintenance Specialist Data Maintenance Speclalist

We provide customers with stable, reliable, professional and efficient software development services to effectively support customers' business strategies. We provide on-site service, remote service and other service support in many different ways. To help customers reduce risks and costs, and ensure high-quality services.
APP/Mini Program
Web Construction
O2O Platform
Smart Hardware
Internet Provision
Big Data Solution
Government and Enterprise Information System
TIP专享 software, as a comprehensive service software for information and personal wealth management and online mall software, provides users with the latest industry news and information, as well as selected daily morning papers. And support customers to operate and manage the company's cooperative projects, check the specific information and progress of the project and feedback in real time, and enjoy the distinguished user experience.
TIP专享 APP (Property Management Platform)
Includes overseas property management and property sales services to meet the richer investment needs of users and maximize the company's business support
CRM customer relationship management system
Provide customers with innovative and personalized customer interaction and services
Take the management of customer data as the core, use information science and technology to automate marketing, sales, service and other activities, and establish a system for the collection, management, analysis and utilization of customer information to help companies realize a customer-centric management model .
ERP Enterprise Resource Management System
An integrated enterprise management software that integrates material resource management, human resource management, financial resource management, information resource management, etc. It integrates all internal resources of the enterprise, and is responsible for procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance, and human resources. Resources are planned to achieve the best combination of resources and achieve the best benefits.
CMS content management system
Use this set of tools (software systems) that can support content management to assist you in creating, storing, sharing, applying, and retrieving content with the help of information technology, and generate value in the personal, organizational, business, and strategic aspects of the enterprise.