Sky Inspiration's seventh-phase product framework

Founder (such as Investor A)

Deposit funds

DBS Bank Custodian

Gold custody

Sky Inspiration

Set up a trust

Investment Strategy

A. Hong Kong and US stocks IPO investment

B. Selected bond portfolio & IPO investment in Hong Kong and U.S. stocks

C. Selected bond portfolio

Tianqi Trust Phase 7 Investment Strategy
Strategy A. Hong Kong and US stocks IPO investment
Tianqi Trust Investment Strategy (A), funds are used for IPO investment in Hong Kong and US stocks. The professional team selects high-quality Hong Kong and US stocks listed companies, uses resource advantages to participate in the project's sale process in advance, gains shares for customers and creates revenue. Since 2019, the historical positive rate of return of investment projects has reached 97%!
Remarks: T0-T1 represents a complete investment cycle
Strategy B. Bond portfolio & IPO investment in Hong Kong and U.S. stocks
Tianqi Trust Investment Strategy (B), the funds are used to invest in selected bond portfolios. The professional team selects high-quality international well-known corporate bonds to ensure the basic and stable return of customers. At the same time, it uses channel advantages to raise low-cost financing with 50% leveraged funds for Hong Kong and US stocks. IPO investment to obtain excess returns.
Note: "Selected bond portfolio 6%" is only the expected return, and the final rate of return is subject to actual data
Strategy C. Selected bond portfolio
Tianqi Trust Investment Strategy (C), the funds are used to invest in selected bond portfolios. The professional team selects high-quality international well-known corporate bonds to ensure stable returns for customers, and carries out low-cost financing with 50-100% leveraged funds, which are then used to invest in fine Choose a bond portfolio to increase customer revenue.
Note: 6% of the selected bond portfolio is only the expected return, 75% of the financing is the estimated financing ratio, and the final return rate and financing ratio are subject to actual data
Apocalypse investments (a) IPO + anchor the cornerstone investment
Cornerstone investment + anchor investment
Cornerstone InvestmentSigned in IPO investors in advance and the issuer or subscription agreement, determine to start for a certain number of shares, mainly institutional investors
Anchor investmentAlso known as "anchor order", refers to the IPO inquiry phase, the clear investment intention, and at the beginning of the road and bookkeeping, one before the end of the order
Primary market investment method
Cornerstone Investment
Anchor investment
Retail new
Enter the stage
Inquiry stage
Sure and highest
Relatively certain and high
Uncertain and lowest
Start-up capital
The lock time
6 to 12 months
New shares allotment mechanism
International placement (90%)
Cornerstone investment: first-class investment institutions, large enterprise groups, well-known rich or its affiliated companies
Anchor the investment: the roadshow and bookkeeping it clear before the start of the investment intention, and issued the order in the early years of the roadshow unlocked on a regular basis and won the match rate is higher
The advantage of the apocalypse: high allocated rate + high certainty
Sale (10%)
Retail dozen new: for all retail investors have a success rate is very low
Retail: the risk of facing lower a success rate and low amount of opportunity

IPO cornerstone + anchor investment

High-quality listed companies

Enterprise 1

Enterprise 2

3 enterprise

Select high-quality enterprise professional team

At the same time to play new multiple enterprises

Portfolio effectively spread the risk

2021 Hong Kong IPO market prospects
2021 full-year forecast
Deloitte Deloitte forecast raised more than hk $400 billion in 2021
The total amount of financing
More than 10 secondary public offering of new shares, financing a total of more than hk $100 billion
Industry distribution
Retail and consumer goods, technology, media and telecommunications industry, construction and infrastructure, real estate and health industries will be Hong Kong IPO raised in 2021
Data sources: the hkex, professional agency forecast and analysis
Large ipos are expected to usher in the following
Companies in Hong Kong
1. The "new three board + H shares" model formally start landing, the shares transfer company and Hong Kong stock exchange in Beijing signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding on the one hand is convenient
Hong Kong policy sex is good
1. H shares full circulation, three pilot Fu enterprise has completed H shares on the Hong Kong full circulation, including one in corporation, will help improve your shares H shares, become in the future
In the stock return
Any shares in the return: with the fermentation, rui xing coffee financial fraud events listed in the U.S. is facing a crisis of confidence, in the acceleration of the process of stock return
Open policy positive: Hong Kong IPO market, Ready to greet the new span
Hong Kong and US stocks IPO cornerstone investment-resource advantage Lock-in share-potentially huge gains
The advantage of cornerstone investors
Give full play to the Sky Inspiration group in Hong Kong's financial market resources advantage, include the quality to be the cornerstone of listed companies share, to seek more IPO investment
Follow large institutional investors such as banks and sovereign wealth funds to use information and resource advantages to lock in shares in advance.
The introduction of cornerstone investors is a full affirmation of the company's fundamentals, profit model, and development prospects, and is a stabilizer in the IPO market.
Capital is profit-seeking, with a fixed lock-up period, which means that cornerstone investors believe that time will bring rich returns and enhance market confidence.
Large enterprise groups and famous rich or its affiliated companies to participate in, to provide investors with more confidence and popularity.
Sky Inspiration Hong Kong and US stocks IPO investment logic
Configuration mode

Heavyweight IPO (giant)

Potential IPO (stars)

Cornerstone Investment

Anchor investment

International placement of combination

Flexible configuration

Seek more share

Follow the market trend

Keep operating space

Quick returns

Thickening of the gains + multiple configuration

Mode of operation

Heavyweight IPO (giant)

Potential IPO (stars)

Cornerstone investment holdings

Authority endorsed More growth Higher allocated to share Stock is worth looking forward to

Anchor the investment profit selling

There is no lock on a regular basis Include the selling profit First-day rise high probability

Market volatility on hold

Participate in the project encounters market volatility Continue to hold operation to reduce project cost Hold out

Sky Inspiration selects leading listed companies in the industry and high-quality companies in emerging sectors, participates in IPOs through international placements, uses years of industry background to seek higher shares, and flexibly allocates cornerstones and anchors shares to maximize customer benefits and asset diversification Goal. If the project is profitable, it will exit at an opportunity. When the project loses money due to market fluctuations, the investment team will make a response strategy for segmented selling and holding operations based on the actual situation.
Historical performance of Sky Inspiration's IPO investment in Hong Kong and U.S. stocks
2019-to-date IPO project positive return ratio97%
34Projects are profitable
The highest rate of return for a single project is close to111%+
Overview of recent listed companies
Note: The above content is based on market news as the estimated benchmark and is for reference only. The specific listing date is officially released
Sky Inspiration Target (2) Bond Investment Portfolio
Bond portfolio
Look for stable investment opportunities in the global market, select tradable bonds of well-known international companies, and obtain relatively low risk and relatively stable returns.

Bond portfolio

Selected international well-known enterprise outstanding debt

The bank sustainable debt

Foreign corporate bond

High yield bonds in China's real estate industry

Other corporate bonds