Meet HMO multi-tenant properties
(An HMO property is a type of property that can house multiple tenants.)
More specifically, at least three or more tenants live in the property and share public facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms. All residents in the residence must come from different families, that is, families that are unmarried or have no other relatives.
3 people
or above
Multi-tenant properties
3 Tenants
At least three or more tenants live in the property
Different families
Tenants must come from different families
Shared facilities
Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room and other public facilities
HMO License
Must obtain HMO license issued by the British government
In the past 30 years, property prices, rents in major cities and city centers have continued to rise, and the number of people has increased, making local residents unable to afford properties close to the city center. Multi-tenant properties (HMO) have become popular, allowing local housing to meet housing needs.
House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are mainly defined by the "UK Housing Act 1985", and the city council has the power to introduce approved permit schemes.
The 1992 City Council Tax (Owner's Responsibility) Ordinance provides another definition of HMO, which is only used to determine the amount of board tax. The landlord needs to pay the council tax on behalf of the tenant.
The living space in House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is usually smaller, but it is usually cheaper than a one-bedroom apartment.
House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) agreements usually include most utility bills along with rent. This is because it is difficult for landlords to allocate billing costs to each tenant fairly and is more attractive to potential tenants
Construction process of HMO House in Multiple Occupation
Purchase a property suitable for conversion
Let the city council approve the plans for the renovation
Obtain the alteration permission
Can be sold or rented after obtaining HMO license
Purchase a property suitable for conversion
Submit the design drawings to the city council
Obtain the alteration permission
Obtain a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) license
Find tenants, rent properties
The entire reconstruction process need to take 3-6 months
Approval of design drawings need to take 1-3 months
Refurbishment is the most complicated step, which takes 2-3 months
It takes 18-24 months or even longer for investors to operate the above process alone
The professional team of One Hritage Property Development can provide one-stop HMO renovation and long-term operation services for 3-6 months
Invest in One Heritage HMO properties to easily enjoy one-stop property management and rental and sales services
One Heritage undertakes the preliminary operation
One Heritage completed the site selection, purchase, renovation and HMO license application.
HMO houses for customers to choose
You can easily become an owner through buying the high-quality property you want.
Owners enjoy rewards and services
One Heritage Property Development provides one- stop property management, leasing and after-sales services.

completed HMO Property

Become an owner, you can enjoy the guarantee of lease

8% or more rental return

Choose property to buy

Under renovation HMO Property

Enjoy maximum 6-month rent subsidy during renovation period

After the renovation is completed ,you can become the owner and enjoy charter guarantee.

The UK headquarters is in Wakefield, with branches in Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds
Offices in Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai) and China mainland (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai), which can provide full assistance to customers in China and Hong Kong
Since 2013, it has expanded in the north of England to provide property management services. Currently, the main scope of services is the north and central areas of England. Provide high-quality property development services to clients all over the world.
Establish long-term cooperative relations with customers with fully transparent one-stop service Provide customers with HMO properties that are completed or under renovation with a net profit rate of less than 8%: - Newly renovated - Complete with furniture - Obtain a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) License - Fully tenanted
The property selected for acquisition must meet the following conditions: - Properties that can be refurbished into high-end HMO - Central location, close to major convenience facilities and transportation network - Close to local landmarks such as hospitals and schools - Locations where housing demand exceeds supply - A place where professionals gather
Clients can save the time and avoid the risk of design, renovation, license application process and finding tenants.
Service Guarantee
Letting Team
Finding tenants Property management License management
Refurbishment team
Circuit plumbing repair
Carpentry decoration and maintenance
Design service
Property design drawing
interior renovation
Furniture and decoration resources
Cleaning Team
Clean before renting
Regular cleaning
Advantages of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties development.
Higher rental yield
Effectively diversify vacancy risk
High rental demand
British tenants pay more attention to property quality
HMO property selection
Choose high-quality cities with higher rental returns and appreciation
Convenient transportation Good location
Rich educational resources Strong rental demand
Short term employment
Many short-term employment opportunities Strong rental demand
HMO property renovation case
Transformation of the former
After refurbishment