Phecda Equity Investment Trust has a low correlation with traditional asset classes, which is suitable for risk diversification and portfolio diversification. We should invest equity in unlisted enterprises, and actively participate in the operation and transformation of investment targets as strategic investors, and sell shares to gain profits through listing, M & A or management buyback.
Phecda Equity Investment Trust selects outstanding private equity investment consultants, and provides high-net-worth clients with scarce private equity investment opportunities through introducing products managed by excellent fund managers, FOF and other forms. It operates in a wide range of industries, including retail, green energy, healthcare, technology, media, financial services and residential development.
Features of Phecda Equity Investment Trust
Phecda Equity Investment Trust Series Structure

LP1 investment LP2 investment LP... Investment

Fund management

Fund custody

GP: Water Bear Investment

Water Bear Science and Innovation Fund No.1

DBS Bank

Investment Advisor

TOPAZ Investment

Equity Investment

USD projects that intend to be listed on Sci-Tech innovation board

Phecda Equity Investment Trust Series Investment Process
Project proposal
Investment Framework Agreement
Investment proposal
Risk control report
Due diligence report
Investment agreement

supplement veto

Project manager screens projects

Preliminary due diligence

Project managing director and risk control department appraisal

Project approval by the Investment Decision Committee

Internal due diligence

Due diligence

Investment Decision Committee

Sign investment agreement, delivery

Investment management

Investment exit